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Your Phone Skills Are Key to Landing Some Jobs

Looking to get hired as an administrative assistant? Be prepared to show you are the master of the multiple lines and multitasking. Many offices use multi-line phone systems, including a local construction office looking for an administrative assistant. How much... Read More

This Memorial Day We Show Our Gratitude

KB Staffing honors the memory of those who sacrificed everything in service to our country. This Memorial Day, KB Staffing would like to extend hearty thanks to the brave men and women who have defended our nation over the years.... Read More

A Blue-Collar Job Is a Smart Investment

Trade jobs are in high demand, and now is a great time to get started! College isn’t for everyone—and that’s OK! There are lots of blue-collar jobs that need to be filled, and vocational training is becoming more important than... Read More

KB Staffing Salutes Single Parents

March 21 is National Single Parent Day March 21 is National Single Parent Day, and we at KB Staffing would like to acknowledge all of the hard work and sacrifice that goes into being a single parent. We recognize that... Read More

Tips for Being a Great Warehouse Worker

Looking for warehouse work? Follow these tips for success! At KB Staffing, we do a lot of warehouse staffing. We take pride in supplying workers that are enthusiastic, well-trained, and motivated to succeed. So what does it take to be... Read More

Tips for Adjusting to Time Changes

Don’t lose sleep over changes in your schedule or things like Daylight Saving Time – follow these tips to stay well rested! When you go from third shift to first shift, or a night schedule to a day schedule, it... Read More
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