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Holiday Job Searches

If you are looking for work, don’t give up during the holidays. It can actually be a great time to get hired. The holidays are a busy, stressful time of year for almost everyone. If you are in the process... Read More

Quality and Quantity

A local staffing agency is poised to offer a quality supportive business relationship and quantity in service. The key difference between a national and local staffing agency is how they’re able to care, not only for your staffing needs, but... Read More

Create Community Growth

When a local business hires a local staffing firm in Polk County, Florida, both businesses generate a positive economic return and growth to the local community. Hiring a local staffing firm, such a KB Staffing, is one way funds are... Read More

Local Employees, Local Roots

Choosing a local staffing firm in Polk County, Florida, can provide temporary or permanent employees relationships with locals that have an understanding of their communities and history. A local staffing agency will have the advantage of knowing skilled, reliable employees... Read More

Choosing a Local Staffing Agency

Before finding the best temporary or permanent employee for your local business you need to find the best staffing agency. Some local businesses might be lured by the idea that a larger national firm can achieve your local business’ hiring... Read More

Get Your Resume Past the Software

To even get a chance at a job these days, you first have to make sure your resume makes it past the computerized filter. In this digital age, it is more important than ever that your resume be computer-friendly. Many... Read More
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