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Delegation Is an Important Task

By delegating certain responsibilities, you can make your team stronger and more productive. Here at KB Staffing, we appreciate a hard worker. However, we understand that no one person can do everything all the time. Delegation is an important part... Read More

Reinvigorate Your Job Search

This is a great time to look critically at your job search efforts and change what isn’t working for you. For many people, the new year brings a new energy to their job search and career development. At KB Staffing,... Read More

New Year, New You!

Make 2020 your best year yet with a few well thought out resolutions. New Year, New You – am I right? At KB Staffing we are excited for this new year and looking forward to all the changes and opportunities... Read More

How to Shine as a Job Candidate

When looking for work, you want to stand out from the rest. Here are some pointers on helping you to be the best possible candidate. We all know how frustrating and stressful looking for work can be. There is often... Read More

Holiday Job Searches

If you are looking for work, don’t give up during the holidays. It can actually be a great time to get hired. The holidays are a busy, stressful time of year for almost everyone. If you are in the process... Read More

Quality and Quantity

A local staffing agency is poised to offer a quality supportive business relationship and quantity in service. The key difference between a national and local staffing agency is how they’re able to care, not only for your staffing needs, but... Read More

Create Community Growth

When a local business hires a local staffing firm in Polk County, Florida, both businesses generate a positive economic return and growth to the local community. Hiring a local staffing firm, such a KB Staffing, is one way funds are... Read More

Local Employees, Local Roots

Choosing a local staffing firm in Polk County, Florida, can provide temporary or permanent employees relationships with locals that have an understanding of their communities and history. A local staffing agency will have the advantage of knowing skilled, reliable employees... Read More
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