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Don’t Overlook the Soft Skills

Everyone wants the most technically qualified candidate, but often the soft skills can be more important than the hard skills. At KB Staffing, we understand that you want the best qualified candidate to fill your open position. However, have you... Read More

Three Hot Positions!

KB Staffing is looking to fill these positions right away KB Staffing is always hiring! We excel at providing Polk County employment opportunities, so when you are looking for work, whether short-term or long-term, come into our Winter Haven office... Read More

5 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers

NOW is the perfect time to start looking for workers for the busy holiday season! Well, here we are – August already, and 2019 is more than half over. That means the busy holiday season is just around the corner!... Read More

When Should You Hire a Temp?

KB Staffing helps you figure out if hiring a temp is right for your company. A common conundrum for employers is the question of when to hire a new employee versus a temp. At KB Staffing, we are happy to... Read More

What NOT to Do in a Job Interview

Put your best foot forward and avoid these interview no-nos! Interviewing for a new job can be tough! That being said, there are definitely some things you should avoid doing during an interview with a potential new employer. At KB... Read More