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Looking for Work in the Coronavirus Era

Finding a job is always a challenge, and now current events are placing additional hurdles in the way of job seekers. As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on our society, many people are finding themselves out of work, either... Read More

How COVID-19 Could Affect the Economy

Coronavirus might have nearly everything grinding to a halt right now, but this will end. What will happen next? The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives – including the economy. While it seems now like the world... Read More

KB Staffing Is Still Open

In these uncertain times, many people are out of work. KB Staffing is open and has open positions available. At KB Staffing, we know everyone is a little on edge these days. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to infect thousands... Read More

Why Your Company Culture Matters

Are you actively shaping your organization’s culture, or just letting it grow on its own? Here’s why you should be mindful of culture. Workplace culture is often overlooked as an important part of how a company functions. At KB Staffing,... Read More