Consistency Between Your Resume and LinkedIn

Your social media presence should be consistent with, but not the same as, your resume.

By now, as a working professional, you are probably aware of the importance of having a prepared resume and a LinkedIn profile. KB Staffing encourages all of our workers to have both on hand, to be prepared for any appealing Polk County employment opportunities that come up. However, your LinkedIn profile and your resume should not be identical. Let’s talk about how your resume should align with your online presence.

Crafting Your Message

At a basic level, your resume should be conveying the same message as your LinkedIn profile. This is who you are as a professional, what industry you work in, or what industry you are looking to enter. Many recruiters, including those at KB Staffing, will check your social media after reviewing your resume.

There should then be some differences between your profile page and your resume. Your LinkedIn profile can be viewed by more people than your resume. LinkedIn is a social platform, so the goal is to create a profile that will attract attention from a broad audience. Your resume should be targeted to whomever you are directing it to, not to the world at large.

This means that your LinkedIn profile can contain much more detail than you would include on your resume. A resume should be a concise page (or two, at most) that highlights your accomplishments and goals relevant to the specific position you are applying for. It’s not a complete biography.

By contrast, you can brag a little more on LinkedIn. It’s fine to showcase your entire range of achievements on the site, even if they vary in industry or scope. You can even include links, videos, or graphics on your profile to really illustrate what you’ve done. A resume should have a relatively simple, clean format that can be easily deciphered by any recruitment software.

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