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Cell Phones in the Workplace

In case you were wondering what is and is not acceptable cell phone behavior at work, we have a few tips for you. It’s 2020 and cell phones are an important part of most people’s lives. These handy devices keep... Read More

Job Listings Are Evolving

Employers are using a variety of new techniques to attract high-quality job applicants. We often hear advice for job candidates that suggests that they update their resume and make sure it adheres to current conventions. Well, the same goes for... Read More

Snapshot of the Florida Job Market

Florida is growing, and so is our economy. How is this affecting the state’s labor market? Central Florida is a hot job market. With 900 new residents arriving every day, it’s important that the state have sufficient employment opportunities. There... Read More

Temp-to-Perm Could Work for You!

Sometimes a temporary position is the best way to go, especially if it has the potential to become permanent. Here at KB Staffing, we put a lot of Polk County residents to work in temporary positions. While some people might recoil... Read More