Achieve More With Less – Delegate!

Across Polk County, personnel offices are humming with activity. Jobs are opening up and businesses large and small are hiring throughout Lakeland, Bartow and Winter Haven. The wheels of construction are starting to turn and local warehouses are expanding; shops and restaurants are busy and discretionary spending has increased.

The result of this little upswing is that business and operations managers are stretched thin, with less time to focus on tasks like staff recruiting and human resources. It seems that there are fewer hours in the day and more to do in each hour. An important tool to getting things done is delegating. Some managers find it a challenge to release control of a task and let others handle it. The important thing to remember is that by delegating, projects can be handled efficiently, and tasks can be completed by individuals or departments that are best at it.

The next question is how to delegate something when a department or specialist is no longer available within the company. Delegation outside the company should be considered in cases where doing so can save time and money. The best example is using a staffing firm for help with a range of services, from simple hiring solutions, all the way to complete human resources management. Staffing firms are easy to work with because of the diverse hiring options they offer.

Imagine delegating a whole department’s worth of work! That is what you can achieve with a professional staffing agency. By utilizing top human resources professionals to get the job done efficiently, managers help their business stay on top in a competitive market. Concentrate on doing what you do best and let staffing professionals provide the pre-screened and qualified personnel you need.

Staffing professionals know the laws and how they apply to recruiting, screening and hiring. Paperwork, taxes and unemployment are all handled by a full-service staffing agency, such as KB Staffing. One affordable price takes care of everything, and options include staff – on – demand, temporary full time or temp – to – hire. In Lakeland, Bartow and Winter Haven, KB Staffing makes it easy to get things done.

Expanding horizons: KB Staffing covers Winter Haven, Bartow, Lakeland and now Plant City! Plant City, Florida, is the latest Polk County city to add KB Staffing personnel to the local workforce.

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