Are You Primed for Warehouse Work?

The Central Florida economy is a hub for supply chain and logistics providers, so warehouses for various companies can be found throughout Polk County. This assures a steady need for workers and a relatively high level of job security. As an expert staffing service located in Polk County, KB Staffing handles a high volume of warehouse staffing. We’ve compiled a quick list of skills needed to succeed working in a warehouse environment.

Warehouse Work
At KB Staffing, we aim to send workers into suitable environments for their particular skills and abilities. Here are a few things a candidate for warehouse work should be able to do.

  • Communication skills are vital. There is a lot going on in a warehouse, and workers need to be able to communicate with teammates effectively verbally as well as through written or digital transmissions.
  • Teamwork. It takes many hands to operate these facilities, so if you prefer a solitary work experience, this may not be for you.
  • Flexibility. Warehouses can be busy, high-stress workplaces and a successful employee will have the adaptability to perform tasks outside their initial job description when necessary in order to maintain the site’s level of productivity. 
  • Organized and detail-oriented. Mistakes are lost money, so it is vital that every individual involved in the process has a keen eye for detail to prevent costly errors.
  • High-energy. Deadlines and quotas matter, so employees have to be able to move quickly without sacrificing the quality of their work. 
  • Quick to learn. Having the ability to pick up new skills and understand directions easily is a great skill to have in any occupation, but especially in a hectic distribution center.

Are You Ready?
If you have the skills and desire to earn good money working full-time temp jobs or temp-to-hire jobs in a local warehouse, let us know! KB Staffing is ready to get you working right away.

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