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Avoid Burnout by Recognizing the Signs

Are you counting down the minutes until the weekend – every Monday morning? Do every one of your co-workers get on your last nerve? Does the job that you used to enjoy now cause you interminable stress and aggravation? Has... Read More

Show the Boss You Deserve a Raise

When you’re good at your job, a conscientious employee, and you’ve been with a company for a fair amount of time, it’s reasonable to want to see some appreciation in the form of increased compensation. However, some people find it... Read More

Get More of the Right Applicants

Have you been having a hard time attracting the right job applicants for the open positions at your company? KB Staffing can help! We provide staffing solutions for a variety of industries in Polk County, and our years of staffing... Read More

What Is the True Value of Temporary Work?

KB Staffing is a leading expert staffing service in Polk County, providing numerous full-time temp jobs and temp-to-hire jobs in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and surrounding communities for the Polk County workforce. Serving the Central Florida economy for close to 20... Read More
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