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How to Get the Warehouse Workers You Need

Central Florida and Polk County are home to a number of warehouse distribution centers, and those facilities require quite a few employees in order to operate effectively. KB Staffing works closely with several of these companies, and we do a... Read More

Working in the Post-COVID Era

As we work toward moving past the pandemic, what work trends are sticking around? COVID-19 has changed so many things for us all, including the way we approach work. KB Staffing has had to make our share of adjustments to... Read More

Making the Most of Every Work Day

Wasting time costs money! Make the most of your workday with better time-management skills. If you are a person who never can find the time to get everything done at work each day, KB Staffing would like to offer some... Read More

Temporary Workers Can Help Your Company

If you think your company has no use for temporary employees, you should think again! KB Staffing has staffing solutions for so many challenges that Polk County businesses can face in the Central Florida economy. We’ve put together just a... Read More
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