Choosing a Local Staffing Agency

Before finding the best temporary or permanent employee for your local business you need to find the best staffing agency.

Some local businesses might be lured by the idea that a larger national firm can achieve your local business’ hiring needs. This is a common misperception.

When looking for temporary or permanent employees for your local Polk County business, why would you look outside of Florida?

There are three key factors to keep in mind for choosing a local staffing agency.

  • Direct Access: When choosing a local staffing company, you will have direct access and contact to the local staffing service’s personnel. Direct opportunities for the local staffing company touring your facility or business, arranging meetings locally, and addressing or solving agendas are accessible.
  • Personal Access: “Live” tangible reachability and meetings are options that contribute a personal interaction and deeper understanding of your company’s staffing needs. On site visits and “face to face” meetings are accessible and achievable. Working closely to understand your local business and your staffing needs is a personal touch that Kelly Braaten of KB Staffing can provide.
  • Immediate Access: After direct contact and personal business relations are established, the ongoing relationship has an immediate accessibility that a local staffing agency can provide.


KB Staffing is a full-service staffing company in Polk County, here to help you meet all your temporary or permanent staffing requirements or needs. For further inquiries, and to get to know who we are, call KB Staffing.


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