Employment Advantages of Registering with KB Staffing

If you have spent any time in recent years looking for employment and have been fortunate enough to get an interview, without a doubt, you have witnessed the sea of applicants that turn out vying for that one position that you knew was just right for you. If you are like a majority of Lakeland, Plant City, Winter Haven and Polk County job seekers, you have sent dozens and dozens of resumes’ with no results. In today’s job market, a candidate must find ways to separate them self from the rest of the crowd. They must be able to highlight their talents and skills in such a way that potential employers will recognize the benefit of hiring them. Registering with a staffing service that specializes in servicing Lakeland, Plant City, Winter Haven and Polk County, such as KB Staffing, gives job seekers the employment advantage they need.

There are definite advantages in registering with a staffing service.

More and More Companies Use Them

In today’s job market a greater number of Polk County employers are turning to staffing agencies like KB Staffing to reduce the cost of hiring new employees. Interviews, screening and the time involved in sifting through hundreds of resumes’ are costly for a company. Because you have been pre-screen and tested by the staffing agency a potential employer trust the level of competency and skill you bring to their organization. According to Staffing Industry Analyst, a global advisor on contingent employment, revenues have grown in double digits for the staffing industry since 2010. Growth figures such as these are evidence that more and more Polk County companies are using the services of staffing agencies.

In-Road to a Permanent Position

Although a majority of positions in Lakeland, Plant City, Winter Haven and Polk County listed with staffing agencies are listed as temporary, a good number of them are what the industry calls temp-to-hire positions. Meaning you start out on a temporary bases for a specified length of time, and if things work out, you are then hired as a full-time employee.

Better Pay

In a good number of instances, KB Staffing may be able to get you a higher pay rate than you would get on your own. Taking in to account your experience and market trends, they are better able to negotiate the best pay rate for your position.

As a full-service staffing firm, KB Staffing serves all areas in Polk County, Kissimmee, Mulberry, Lakeland & Plant City. If you are ready to get back to work, contact us today and let us help you land your next position.

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