Getting Hired Permanently: Fitting Into the Culture

Temporary employment gets you through the door at the company you want to work for. But it’s still your responsibility to prove that you’re a valuable addition to the team. The key is to show your temporary employer how much you fit into the overall company culture. KB Staffing has compiled some tips to help you do that.

  1. Learn the company. Learn the company’s values, brand and unique way of doing things. Integrate yourself into the corporate culture, so it’s clear to your employers and colleagues that you belong here. Make the company’s goals your goals too, even before you’re hired on full-time. If you work like you’re already a part of the company, it will help show them that you should be.
  2. Get to know people. Don’t hesitate to get to know your co-workers. Talk with them, learn about them, become a part of their team. You never know which person around you has a direct link to the hiring manager—or if their testimonial could help tip the scale in your favor.
  3. Work hard and volunteer. Do the work that’s assigned to you, and do it excellently. On top of that, look for opportunities to show how hard-working and dedicated you are. If there are extra responsibilities around, pick them up. Be flexible and wear as many hats as you feel comfortable wearing. The key is to impress your temporary employer with how much you’re willing to bring to the team.
  4. Follow the company’s openings. For you to join the team, there has to be a permanent space available for you. But you have something that other job seekers don’t—an insider’s knowledge of the company. Use it to you advantage. Follow employment opportunities and know when there’s a permanent space available for you.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3, Letting Your Staffing Agency Help and Knowing the Qualifications You Need.

If you’d like to speak with KB Staffing about temporary employment opportunities, feel free contact us or call us at (863) 875-5721 anytime. We are dedicated to providing our temporary employees with the best possible opportunities.


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