Getting that Great Seasonal Job for the Holidays

The holiday gift-purchasing season is fast approaching, unless you are already buying gifts for others now. If what you want this holiday season is a seasonal job, experts say now is the time to apply.

Before you head out to submit those applications, be prepared physically, mentally and socially for the commitment that a seasonal job will require during this busy time each year.  

Begin your search today and keep regularly checking stores or companies of your choice to see when new openings are available. Spread out your search as well to try and find variety in your seasonal job options. It is important to keep checking company websites for jobs, as jobs may not be there one week but be available the next.

If you are going to submit an application, make sure to dress in business professional attire no matter the job, and be ready for the possibility of a spontaneous interview for a position when you submit your application, resume and references.

After learning the conditions of the seasonal job, see that it fits with what you can provide for of hours, transportation and capabilities of handling the job. You don’t want to agree to a job that you can’t be there at the hours they need you, or be lifting heavy boxes when you have a bad back or medical issue.\

Being flexible is always a plus for seasonal jobs, as some days may be busier than others and may need more workers on hand. Also, if you demonstrate your dependability while in a seasonal job, your employer could consider you for a full-time position after the seasonal job is over.


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