Ghosting a Recruiter Is a Bad Idea. Here’s Why

Here at KB Staffing, if there’s one thing that really gets our goat, it’s when we don’t get a response from someone looking for work. We understand if you’ve already found a spot in the Polk County workforce and you aren’t on the market anymore, but ghosting any recruiter is not a good idea, and we’ll tell you why.

Ghosting Is a No-No
Whether it’s not returning phone calls or not showing up for an interview, ghosting a recruiter is never a good idea. A recruiter’s time is just as valuable as your own, and it’s disrespectful to waste their time by standing them up or ignoring them. At KB Staffing, we spend a lot of time advocating for our workers as a full-service staffing company in Polk County, so when one of them suddenly goes incommunicado, it can be very frustrating.

Another thing to remember is that people do talk to each other, especially those in the same industry. Recruiters also sometimes move from one company to the other. Why does this matter? Well, if you’ve made a bad impression with a recruiter by being unresponsive to messages, they’re likely to remember that, and you just don’t know where you could run into them again. If that same recruiter is who you go to the next time you need a job, they could be less inclined to help you.

If it sounds spiteful to not help someone looking for work, consider this – if you can’t be bothered to return a message, how reliable are you, really? Recruiters need to know that the people that they place in full-time temp jobs can be counted on to show up and do the work. Returning phone calls is easy, so make sure you communicate with the people who are helping you find a job.

KB Staffing Wants to Hear From You
When you are looking for Polk County employment opportunities, be sure to contact KB Staffing. You can even start your application online from home. We look forward to hearing from you!

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