Give Your Temp Staff the Tools to Succeed

KB Staffing has the staffing solutions your company needs, and we make it easy to find great, qualified candidates for the Central Florida jobs that you’re hiring for. Once you’ve committed to hiring new staff, whether it’s for temp-to-hire jobs or full-time temp jobs, it’s important that you give them the tools they need to succeed. This means taking the time to do onboarding right.

Avoid Common Onboarding Errors
When KB Staffing sends members of the Polk County workforce to your company, we send you people that are reliable, qualified for the job, and motivated to work. However, they still need to be trained on what exactly you expect of them. Please don’t send our hard-working temp employees into a situation where they haven’t received appropriate training on your processes and expected outcomes – this is not going to benefit anyone.

Provide your temp workers with the same training you would give any permanent employee. This ensures a greater degree of consistency throughout your entire team as to work performance. Let workers from KB Staffing know what your organization’s goals are, and how your team works towards them effectively.

Temporary employees should be treated no differently from your regular, long-term employees. Having the mindset that temporary workers are, well… “temporary” can lead to unintentional depersonalization that can be discouraging for workers. Make them feel welcome by introducing them to their co-workers and providing them with access to any tools or technology they will need during the course of their employment. Often, employers choose to hire temporary workers permanently when a suitable position becomes available, so it’s always wise to treat temp staff as though they will be with your company for the foreseeable future.

When Temporary Becomes Permanent
Lots of companies utilize KB Staffing’s pool of local workers for short-term projects as well as a recruitment source for finding long-term staff members. Whether you need staff for a day, a month, or forever, KB Staffing will send you enthusiastic workers that will impress you!

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