Hard Work Pairs Perfectly With Fresh Air

Anyone living or working in Polk County is definitely aware how hot it can get outside, especially in the Florida summertime. This dissuades many people from wanting to do any type of work outdoors. KB Staffing does some staffing for positions that are mainly outdoors, and we have some points to make about the benefits of working outside.

The Pros of Working Outdoors

We at KB Staffing are aware that the heat can be difficult to bear at times and encourage anyone working outside to stay hydrated and take appropriate precautions to be safe outside. That being said, here are some of the good things about working outside.

  • Nature is good for your mood. Spending time in the sunshine and observing some of the natural world has a tendency to improve one’s mood and diminish negative feelings.
  • Get an energy boost. Fresh air outside can increase a person’s oxygen intake, resulting in an increase in overall energy and focus. 
  • Physical health benefits. We need sunshine to help our bodies create vitamin D, which is necessary for good health. Being outside also provides more visual stimulation than that found staring at a computer screen all day. The different objects at different distances outside allows the eye muscles to relax as opposed to the strain of focusing on a screen for long periods of time. The brain also gets a chance to rest when you are able to look around more and see more visually appealing objects.
  • Stress reduction. The fresh air and oxygen often reduces cortisol and other stress-related hormones in the body. Who couldn’t stand to feel a little less stressed?
Call KB Staffing to Get Out!

If you’re interested in working outdoors in a full-time temp job or even a temp-to-hire job, let KB Staffing know! Even if you aren’t inclined to spend your whole workday outside, it is still beneficial to take some breaks and go outside throughout the day.

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