Helping the Next Generation

At KB Staffing, we pride ourselves on our community involvement. One problem that we are particularly concerned about is the issue of childhood poverty in Polk County and the effects that has on students’ future ability to succeed. To this end, we are proud sponsors of the Take Stock in Children organization.

This amazing outreach effort was founded in the early 1990s as a way to make a tangible impact on the lives of students in the Tampa Bay area. The concept is to identify children who are academically qualified for higher learning but held back by financial restrictions and help them to overcome those hurdles. This is done by intervening in students’ lives as early as middle school and connecting them with mentors, volunteers, and resources to help them achieve their education goals.

Without the support of businesses, community leaders, schools, social service agencies, and philanthropic organizations, it wouldn’t be possible to make these changes in students’ lives. It takes a patchwork of people coming together to create a project that has a real impact on these kids. Studies have shown that individuals with higher education are more likely to be employed, make more money, and less likely to live in poverty. Through this program we help break the cycle of poverty for families while contributing to a more educated Polk County workforce.

When a student meets the requirements and completes the TSIC program, he or she receives a two-year Florida Prepaid Scholarship.  That’s tangible good for our community!

Over the last two decades, Take Stock in Children has served 24,000 children throughout 67 Florida counties. It is a state-wide program aimed at improving dropout rates and reducing poverty. It has the potential to help many more thousands of children in Florida.

How do we support this organization, you might ask?  We give a scholarship every year for the student with the highest GPA in Polk County, which upgrades the scholarship to a four-year Florida Prepaid Scholarship!  KB Staffing is proud to support Take Stock in Children in Polk County.

If you would like to get involved with this life-changing program, visit to learn how to do so. There are options for becoming a mentor, making a donation, and more. Be a hero to a child in need.

For more information about us and how we work to be a complete human resources solution in Central Florida for our clients, call 863-875-5721 or visit our office in Winter Haven.

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