How to Tell Your New Employer Your Summer Vacation Plans

Just because you’re getting a new job doesn’t mean you have to cancel your vacation!

Ah, summer… a time for fun in the sun, family time, and vacations! Perhaps you have a fun trip planned and have been looking forward to it all year, but you suddenly find yourself interviewing for a new job. How do you approach the topic of your planned vacation? At KB Staffing, we understand the importance of your personal time, so we came up with a few tips.

Choose Your Moment

While it’s a good idea to mention your planned vacation before you get hired on, you don’t need to bring it up right off the bat. Get through the first interview first, and then if they bring you back for a second or offer you the job at the end of the first, that’s probably a good time to say something.


Basically, if the conversation has gotten to the point where you are discussing start dates and availability, that’s your moment. Once you let your new employer know that you plan on being away in a certain timeframe, they may want to move your start date to after your vacation. This can help you avoid gaps in pay as well as interrupting your training.

Choose Your Words

If you are interviewing by phone, or they’ve called to offer you the job, you may want to jot something down ahead of time to help you be prepared. Keep it brief, one or two sentences is fine, and remember—you’re not asking for time off, you’re telling them when you’ll be unavailable. It is a rare recruiter who will have a problem with your scheduled plans if you let them know in a timely manner.

It isn’t necessary to tell them exactly what you have planned, either. Simply let them know the dates you will be out of town or unavailable, and when you will be back and ready to work.

Keep KB Staffing in Mind

When you’re looking for work, remember to put your application in with KB Staffing. We understand that your family comes first, so we’ll help you find a schedule that suits your needs. We have lots of Polk County employment opportunities and are an expert staffing service, so we’re ready to help you get into the right position right away.

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