Is There Job Security?

In today’s economic climate, job security is often a subject of concern.  Downsizing and layoffs have changed the best laid career plans. The face of corporate America has changed and it is no longer a realistic goal to spend 25 to 30 years working for one company.  For one thing, companies merge, move and change direction at a faster rate than ever before.  This is not only true in big cities, but also in Lakeland, Bartow and Winter Haven.  This area of Florida used to be filled with Orange Groves, and the local workforce could count on steady employment with the juice companies. But, things change.

We can thank technology for some of the changes.  Automated phone systems and the availability of online information have made human interaction all but unnecessary in the customer service arena.  Almost every employment field has evolved to take advantage of technology’s short-cuts and time savers.  Jobs that were indispensable in the past have become obsolete with the push of a button.

Flexibility has become as important as experience in the Lakeland area job market. Technology has even affected day to day procedures in fields such as skilled construction or warehouse operations.  Work orders, shipping documents, blueprints, even the simplest record-keeping is now done electronically.  Personnel who learn to use new tools to make their job more efficient have, by far, the best employment prospects and with that, job security.  The employee who can adapt to new ways and apply experience and skills to new situations will stand out in the hiring process.

One of the best ways for personnel to learn this trait is to work with a temp or staffing agency.  In Bartow, Lakeland and Winter Haven, KB Staffing delivers outstanding, personalized service, ensuring every company gets the manpower it needs to move forward.  KB Staffing offers employment in temporary positions, as well as temporary full time and temp-to-hire.

So, as the old-fashioned idea of job security fades away, a new version is replacing it. Flexibility, and adaptability plus experience offer employment security in the form of hire-ability.  In Lakeland, Bartow and Winter Haven, employers are finding the personnel they need with KB Staffing.

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