Job Interviews Can Be Funny Things…

Whether or not you hear it on the news, the truth is that companies are hiring in the Bartow, Lakeland and Winter Haven metropolitan area.  The job market has changed in recent years and employment now comes in non-traditional ways.  A full-time position in your field of choice is no longer the first step.

Getting your foot in the door of a personnel office can often feel like the biggest challenge to joining the workforce.  You apply for the job and then you wait.  You follow up with the personnel office and then you wait. Finally, you get a call from the human resources manager and you have an appointment for an interview.  The job is exactly what you want. You just know in your heart that this is the job for you, surely they will see that. Your enthusiasm and talent will shine through in the interview…. Right?  Well, maybe, or maybe not.

Over and over again, experts repeatedly talk about putting your best foot forward, dressing for success, and preparing thoughtful answers to tough interview questions.  Job interviews can be funny, though. Sometimes, too funny, in fact.  Everyone has had the awkward experience of putting their foot in their mouth. Most people realize it right away – some, however, don’t seem to grasp the significance of what they say.  The hiring manager has to use a few key indicators to determine how well the candidate will do the job in question.

Some quotes from actual interviews include:  “I wish I had taken my medication this morning, I could have concentrated more.” Here’s a hint: too much information will not help.Oh, I am sorry for what I have on today, I had a late girls night out.” Really? Well then, who would expect you to dress professionally for this little interview? “I had to bring my kids as my babysitter is stressed today.” We certainly don’t want something like a job to stress out the babysitter! “I love your makeup – what brand do you use?” It’s not a good idea to make a personal comment about the appearance of the hiring manager – or anyone else for that matter.  This next comment came from an applicant for a bookkeeping job. When asked for his résumé, he said “What’s that?”  We don’t have to guess whether he got the job!

During your job interview, focus on maintaining a professional demeanor, even if the job is for a seemingly casual workplace. A reputable staffing agency, such as KB Staffing in Winter Haven, can help you get your foot in the door through temporary full-time and temp-to-hire positions.  KB Staffing works as a personnel office for numerous Central Florida companies, providing temporary personnel and flexible staffing options.

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