Let’s Get Back to Work

If your company suddenly needs more employees, KB Staffing has some ideas for creating an attractive work environment. 

With COVID vaccination rates rising, more and more businesses are trying to return to operating at full capacity. This means that they need to be fully staffed again. At KB Staffing, we’ve been hearing from many of our clients that they are ready to explore their temporary staffing options while they gauge what the coming months will bring in terms of demand for their goods and services. Since many people have had to rely on other sources of income for the past year, the employment pool has shrunk somewhat, leaving some companies befuddled as to how they might best attract qualified applicants for their full-time temp jobs. 

Enticing The Applicants
First of all, it’s important for any company to treat their seasonal or temporary workers in a manner that makes them want to return again when needed. KB Staffing has some tips on creating a positive experience for short-term employees.

  • Personalize the onboarding process. When hiring and training new people, take the time to communicate and get to know them a bit. Learn about their career goals and look for chances to direct them into relevant opportunities. 
  • Provide the resources for success. Make sure that your temporary staff is being trained well and that they know where to go when they need assistance or have questions.
  • Prioritize safety. Nothing will ruin your reputation as a quality employer faster than unsafe working conditions. Never cut corners when it comes to the well-being of the people working for you. 
  • Don’t leave people wondering. When the assignment is ending, inform workers what they can expect during the last days, and then give a strong, positive reference.

KB Staffing Has Your Staffing Options
Whether you need workers for the weekend or you have temp-to-hire jobs to fill, KB Staffing is the expert staffing service that has what you need. We specialize in connecting the Polk County workforce with the companies that are looking for help.

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