Looking for Warehouse Work? Your Resume Says a Lot

If you want to get hired, you should have an appropriate resume ready.

When you’re searching for Polk County employment opportunities in warehouses, you may think that a resume doesn’t matter. KB Staffing would like to assure you that is certainly not the case. As Polk County’s top expert staffing service specializing in warehouse staffing, KB Staffing has some insight to offer as to what employers are really looking for in candidates for their warehouse positions. 

A Resume Will Benefit You
The main reason you need a resume prepared, no matter what type of Central Florida jobs you’re applying for, is so employers can get a feel for you quickly and accurately. Too often, great candidates go unhired simply because they didn’t stand out during the screening process. 

Below are some of the points to include on your warehouse resume.

  • Contact information. (This is very important!) Your name and correct, current phone number, and email address are absolutely necessary if you want anyone to contact you. Please make sure that your email address sounds professionally appropriate.
  • Job history. List your most recent three to five jobs in reverse chronological order, up to 10 years back.
  • Qualifications and skills. Include a section for your relevant qualifications, any relevant certifications you hold, and transferable soft skills. Make sure to key in on words from the job listing, and make sure to include skills relevant to a warehouse environment, such as physical fitness, endurance, and attention to detail. 
  • Education. If relevant, include your education level, particularly if you are going for a management position. Recent graduates who have little or no work experience can also include their recent educational achievements.

These are just the basics of what you should have on your resume. Once you have something put together, you can send it to KB Staffing so we can start the process of matching you with the Polk County jobs you are best suited for.

Send Your Resume to KB Staffing Today
If you’re trying to find warehouse work and you’re not sure if your resume is up to par, KB Staffing is here to help. You can start an application online and upload your resume, and we’ll let you know if there are any glaring omissions or unnecessary inclusions. 

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