Make the Most of the ‘Greatest Weakness’ Interview Question

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially if that dreaded question comes up: “What is your biggest weakness?” KB Staffing understands your anxiety about answering a question like this! As your expert staffing service helping you get hired into great Central Florida jobs, we want you to go into that interview self-assured and come out afterward confident that you’ve presented yourself well.

Presenting Weakness as Strength
At KB Staffing, we wouldn’t want you to stumble on this common (albeit challenging) interview query, so here are some ideas to help you prepare ahead of time.

  • Turn that frown upside down by turning a negative into a positive. Don’t try to pretend that you’re perfect, and don’t be dishonest either. Rather, search yourself for some flaws that can actually work to your advantage. Can’t let go of a task until it’s completed? Does perfectionism get you bogged down in details? Are you a stickler for following rules? These are some examples of characteristics that cause you some stress in daily life but could be framed in such a way as to sound appealing to an employer.
  • Make a mountain out of a molehill by demonstrating your ability to rise to a challenge. Demonstrate your adaptability and perseverance by describing a time that you were lacking in some area of expertise or ability and how you subsequently acquired the skills and experience to successfully handle any similar obstacle afterward. 
  • Soften the blow by focusing on non-essential skills. If the first two scenarios don’t seem applicable to you, then admit that you aren’t very adept in some areas that wouldn’t impact the role you are applying for. Maybe you are terrible at math and can’t help your kids with their homework, or you hate reading so you only enjoy audiobooks. The important thing to remember is that you don’t want to undermine your credibility when it comes to your qualifications to perform the job for which you are applying.

We Know You Can Do It!
Nobody is perfect, or great at everything all the time – KB Staffing knows this, and so do the Polk County employers that want to hire you. This question is more about your honesty and ability to adapt, learn new things, and own up to your shortcomings, so don’t take it as a personal judgment against you. There are some amazing Polk County employment opportunities out there waiting for you, so it’s worth your time to be well-prepared for anything a potential employer might ask you.

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