National Gratitude Month

There’s a lot going on in the world, and it can seem overwhelming at times. We at KB Staffing would like to offer you a glimmer of hope, called gratitude. Yes, gratitude. The simple act of being grateful for the good in your life can have a profound effect on your emotions and health.

November is National Gratitude Month, and what better time of year to literally stop and count our blessings. We’ll start, but hopefully our list will inspire you to take stock of what is worth appreciating in your life.

  • First of all, where would we be without an excellent base of workers to draw from? The Polk County workforce is one to be proud of, teeming with hardworking, dedicated individuals. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a diverse array of employees.
  • Secondly, we have amazing clients to work with. Many companies around Polk County depend on KB Staffing to fill their open positions, and we are grateful for the chance to do so. Without these businesses, we wouldn’t have any work for our job seekers. We rely on our clients to prosper so they can continue to create jobs for Central Florida.
  • Of course, our internal staff makes it all happen. They are the oil that keeps this machine running so smoothly. We couldn’t connect so many fantastic employees with local jobs without a team of dedicated professionals. Our staff cares about the needs of our employees and clients, and every member works hard to make meaningful connections between the two.

Expressing gratitude only takes a moment, and doesn’t cost a dime. Take the time to tell someone you appreciate what they do, or stop to admire the view somewhere. There are a million reasons to be grateful all around you, so put them to use.

When you’re looking for work or for quality candidates for your business, call KB Staffing. We appreciate your business and will work hard to connect you to the right opportunities. We have many full time temp jobs and temp-to-hire jobs that need filled right away.

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