Need a Pathway to a New Career? KB Staffing Can Help You Find Your Way

If you’ve been considering new career options — perhaps to provide a bigger challenge, more professional fulfillment, or a better income-earning opportunity — the resources provided by a quality staffing agency can be very useful tools in your career search and switch. For one thing, connecting with the staffing and temp job industry can bring to light exciting career choices you might not have considered on your own. 

A helpful article for anyone thinking about a career switch — either transitional or dramatic — can be found online at Mashable. It suggests: 

• Examining various industries to learn about the kind of career training, certification, and experience required by workers, professionals, and managers. Whether you are moving from a plumber to construction worker or a different position in the same field, it helps to know what is necessary to be successful in your potential new field and to have some assurance that the skills you already possess can be an asset in your new profession.

• Speaking with experienced workers in the new industry or industries you are considering and attending networking fairs to obtain important information from industry insiders. These insiders can tell you whether the career paths you are considering are right for you and whether the timing is right to pursue them.

• Examining how your social media accounts are presenting you online. Your postings, interests, and shared content can help employers get to know you — both positively and negatively — before you meet face to face.

• Reviewing your resume to ensure that your experience levels and skills set show you as being qualified for the new career path and not tie you just to the industry or career you are hoping to exit. Jobs in your newly sought field might require a cover letter or examples of projects you have worked on, so you will want to shape your resume to show these experiences to potential employers.

With an updated resume at the ready, are you prepared for a new career in a new field? Visit KB Staffing online and discover many of the employment opportunities, from temp to full time, that are available throughout Central Florida, and apply online to launch your new career today!

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