New Year, New Job Mindset

Trying to determine the next step in your career without help can be difficult, which is why it is important to get connected with a temp agency for opportunities to experience temporary jobs in your skillset, or work in the same position but with a different company. 

With temp agencies, an interview is set up at the initial meeting between agency and applicant to find out your comfort level in a job and how you work best (your soft skills). As described in a blog article by, people usually want companies to know their hard skills (experience and capabilities), but neglect to inform them on their people skills and work environment comforts, so be honest about these skills.

When coming to the agency for the first time, dress as you would a job interview and prepare to spend time there as the agency works to get to know you and your job skills. Temp agencies can also fine-tune your resume, or put one together if you don’t have a resume.

Lastly, know the temp agency is there to help you and wants to put you in the best temporary staffing options. If you find your temp position is not a good fit for you or the company, don’t hesitate to let the agency know so they can place you in a company that motivates your work each day.

KB Staffing is happy to help provide this help with several local job listings, which you can apply online using our online application page, in person or at by calling (863) 875-5721.

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