No Experience? No Problem? KB Staffing Can Help

With graduation season just around the corner, we at KB Staffing expect to see some new faces coming into our office looking for work. As an expert staffing service, we love finding Polk County employment opportunities for enthusiastic new grads who are eager to enter the Polk County workforce. One topic that comes up frequently during the initial stages of registering recent graduates for employment is their concern over their lack of experience. Let’s take a moment to discuss that.

Lack of Experience Does Not Mean a Lack of Skills

All of us at KB Staffing understand what it’s like to be new on the job market and worried that you don’t have much to offer because you haven’t yet gained any real-world experience. Everyone has to start somewhere! Here are some tips to boost your confidence and get you moving in the right direction.

  1. Get certified. If you’re fresh out of high school and looking for work, take a moment to consider what you’d like to try doing. Then do some research to see if there are any certifications programs that you could take to make you more qualified for those roles. Most certification courses are relatively short so you could start working in a matter of months, or even weeks!
  2. Volunteer work counts as experience. Just because you didn’t get paid for a job doesn’t mean the experience was a waste of time! Put that volunteer work you did on your resume and list the skills you employed in that role. Chances are those skills will transfer well into a paid position somewhere. 
  3. Brag a little about your grades. Whether you’ve graduated high school, college, or trade school, if you did well academically, that’s a noteworthy accomplishment. Similarly, if you spent time honing skills in extracurricular activities, mention that, too. School was meant to prepare you for employment, so let prospective employers know what you learned.

Put KB Staffing in Your Corner

No matter what your age or experience, your education level, or your skillset, KB Staffing can get you working with a great local company quickly. Our full time temp jobs make it easy to try out different roles to see what you’re best suited for, and temp-to-hire jobs can lead to satisfying careers. Don’t wait, get started today!

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