Not Every Valuable Lesson Will Be Learned in School

KB Staffing values the importance of education. Whether you go to a university, a trade school, or high school, the lessons you learn in the classroom will serve you well throughout life. However, not every skill that you need in the workplace will be learned in the classroom. Some things you will still have to figure out while on the job.

What School Doesn’t Always Teach You
Pursuing an education is always a worthy endeavor. It gives you the chance to dive deep into the subjects that interest you, as well as try out some fields that you might not be initially drawn to. There are additional skills that you’ll need to develop in the real world, though.

  • Networking. School is a great place to meet people who will be working in the same field as you. However, your business network shouldn’t begin and end at your alma mater. Reach out to professionals in your industry through business associations and social media to widen your network.
  • Utilizing feedback. In school, when you give a presentation or submit a project, it’s common to receive feedback from your teachers and peers. It is relatively uncommon that you’ll need to go back and revise your project to incorporate that feedback. In the working world, you’ll need to learn how to use the feedback you are given by supervisors or clients to maximize efficiency while obtaining high results.
  • Prioritizing goals and tasks. When you’re in school, you have a pretty clear idea of what’s expected of you, plus you know that you have to complete all of your assignments one way or another. Outside of the classroom, you may have to make tough decisions regarding which opportunities to pursue and which ones to let pass you by. You’ll need to define your own goals and prioritize your tasks based on what you want to accomplish. Realistically, you can’t do every single project that comes your way.

KB Staffing Can Help
No matter what kind of education you’ve had, KB Staffing can help you find the right Polk County employment opportunities for your skillset. We specialize in finding Central Florida jobs for the Polk County workforce, and we can help you develop the skills you need to reach your goals. When you need the assistance of an expert staffing service to help you climb your personal career ladder, call on KB Staffing. We’ll be there for you.

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