Outsourcing from Lakeland to Winter Haven

Managing Human Resources means quite a bit more than recruiting and hiring. A Human Resources manager must handle what seems like a mountain of paperwork for each employee. In addition to standard payroll processing, there are numerous administrative requirements mandated by law. Processing payroll liability taxes, worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance are just a few of the crucial tasks that consume man-hours in a Human Resources department.

All industries across the greater Lakeland – Winter Haven metropolitan area have experienced some form of belt-tightening in recent years; making do with less has become standard operating procedure. Many companies, both large and small, don’t have the luxury of an HR manager, let alone a Human Resources department. Juggling HR work with other responsibilities falls on the shoulders of staffers whose primary role is something else.

So, what is the answer for companies needing a cost-effective solution to manage Human Resources?

Outsource. Not to a faraway land, but right around the corner. Headquartered in Winter Haven, KB Staffing specializes in Human Resources management for diverse industries in the Lakeland –area, including Bartow and, of course, Winter Haven. Big savings in the form of man-hours and payroll liabilities are two of the benefits of locally outsourcing the work of a Human Resources department.

Pre-screened, qualified employees from KB Staffing are available as either temporary personnel or temp-to-hire, ready to go to work in Lakeland, Bartow and Winter Haven. KB Staffing handles everything from hiring to paperwork to payroll and worker’s comp. The juggle to keep up with taxes, insurance and liabilities is over; KB Staffing’s professional Human Resources experts do it all and more.

Eliminate the paperwork, reduce hiring costs and focus on the job. Rely on KB Staffing in Bartow, Lakeland and Winter Haven!

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