Polk County Business Growth: Legoland to Add New Call Center

Here at KB Staffing, it’s always interesting to see how the businesses in our area of Polk County are growing and expanding. Many of them have added on new buildings or added a new wing. It is a pleasure and an honor to be a part of these developments, as many of these businesses have turned to KB Staffing for all of their staffing needs.

Today, we’d like to discuss another business that is going to be experiencing further developments in the months ahead.

It is an exciting time here in Polk County; especially for the owners of Legoland. According to a recent article on TheLedger.com website, Legoland is going to be experiencing significant growth in the coming months. In fact, they’re expecting so much growth, they believe they may have to add a call center to handle the influx of customers.

Currently, Legoland offers a variety of amusement parks for its customers, and everything is themed after the famed children’s building blocks. The parks feature a selection of rides and other attractions, and people flock to these parks each year. The expansion of Legoland will include a hotel and a new complex in Orlando, Florida.

This type of business expansion is very thrilling for the Lakeland area, and Legoland is not alone in experiencing significant business growth. In fact, here at KB Staffing, we’ve become partners with many businesses who have developed quite rapidly. It’s our goal to provide them with staff for their new departments, and it’s a goal we’re proud to reach each and every month.

Whether you’re looking for warehouse workers, drivers or office personnel, KB Staffing is always available to fulfill any of your staffing needs. For more information on how we can help your company grow, please contact us today.

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