Prepping for Temporary Employees This Summer

Summer is coming, bringing with it days of sunlight, warmth and jet-setting adventures. But if you’re a business owner in Central Florida, summer can mean an influx of work and a shortage of employees as people take advantage of their vacation time. If you start preparing now, the experts at KB Staffing can mitigate the summer shuffle and keep your business productive all season long by utilizing smart, temporary staffing solutions.

Here are some steps to take right now, before the season even starts:

  1. Evaluate your summer business last year. Certain industries flood with new customers over the summer break, and the key is to evaluate your company’s records from the previous years. If you saw a sharp incline in sales, pinpoint when those sales started and how much they rose. This information will help a temporary staffing agency like KB Staffing find the right staffing solution for you.
  2. Know your employees’ vacation schedules. It’s natural for employees to take advantage of their vacation time in the summer. Keep track of when your employees are going on vacation, so that you know who you’ll be lacking and at what times. This will help you crystallize your temporary staffing plan, because you’ll know exactly the kind of help you’ll need and when you’ll need it.
  3. Start preparing right now. Don’t postpone your temporary staffing plan. Start writing up descriptions of the kind of employees you’ll need, along with the dates and times that you’ll need them. It’s also a good idea to keep track of your employees’ key projects, and to have them provide detailed lists for the temporary staff coming in to cover for them. If you start planning now, you’ll experience an easier changeover when it comes time to put your temporary staffing plan into place.

Those are just some of the simple steps you can take to ensure a smooth— and more productive— summer season. For more advice, or to work with KB Staffing on human resources solutions for your business, contact us or call us at (863) 875-5721. We’ll be happy to work with your business to create a temporary staffing plan that’s right for you.

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