Productivity Down from Holiday Blues? Turn it Around with These Tips!

It never fails. We spend the month of December prepping for the holidays, and those precious days off when we can celebrate and enjoy the ones we love— then comes January 2— seemingly in a flash of time, it’s over. To make matters worse, we are expected to flip a switch and get back to our regular, ultra-productive selves.

Well, as staffing experts and providers of every day human resources solutions, we can tell you from experience that the “switch” we mentioned above does not always get flipped right away. In fact, more often than not, the opposite is true— where employees (full-time or temporary workers) coming back from all the festivities are suffering from post-holiday blues. This can have a direct effect on productivity.

Here at KB Staffing, however, we have some tips and tricks to help your employees get out this funk and back to being “all-aboard” the productivity train. Try some of these suggestions with your staff:

  1. Shift the focus to the positive. There are several ways this can be accomplished. One would be to offer a simple “thank you” to staff members who go above and beyond. Another would be to offer encouragement through performance incentives. Nothing motivates like a little friendly competition among coworkers!
  2. Encourage productivity with better project management. Research has shown that the most productive time of day (regardless of your trade) are the morning hours just before lunch. We’ve all heard of the “afternoon crash,” right? Well, recent studies have shown that the productivity level does in fact take a dip after lunch, so one project management tip would be to make sure your larger tasks are addressed before the lunch hour.
  3. Declutter and organize. By taking some time to reorganize the workspace, you can not only help your team feel better, but you’ll also increase productivity by making sure things are easy to find and on-hand when they’re needed. There’s no better time than now to declutter, which will help you and your team stay focused.

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