Recruiting Talented Employees

According to most news sources, there is an abundance of highly qualified professionals and tradesmen currently in the job market. Great news if your company or department is hiring. So, how do you get in touch with this terrific pool of talent? Traditional hiring practices, such as posting an opening, soliciting résumés, scheduling interviews and background checks don’t always produce talent with the right fit for the position and the organization.

In fact, recruiting and managing talented employees is becoming a common challenge for managers and human resource directors throughout Bartow, Lakeland and Winter Haven. All companies want to hire the best and the brightest to cultivate a loyal workforce that will help the organization exceed future goals. Why, then, does it seem to be so difficult?

The solution requires thinking outside the box. Job seekers already know that networking is usually the most effective way to find job openings. The same advice is applicable when openings need to be filled. One of the best networking sources for a hiring manager to rely on is a professional staffing agency. The front line at a staffing agency “sees it all.” Staffing agencies are skilled at screening applicants and they know what to look for. Reading between the lines becomes second nature to an experienced staffing agency, with a continuous flow of manpower coming through the door.

Staffing agencies have the necessary relationships in place with a diverse pool of talent. Experienced agents know people’s work ethics, loyalties and what motivates them. Securing the best staff for your organization requires no more than a phone call to your advocate at a professional staffing agency.

Another great strategy for recruiting top talent is to consider the strengths of temporary personnel. Fresh perspectives combined with a good attitude are powerful attributes in an employee. Temp-to-hire and full-time temporary personnel come with diverse experiences and skills; staffing agencies are the best source for recruiting the talent you need.

If you are looking for employees with the right fit for your organization in Bartow, Lakeland or Winter Haven, look no further than KB Staffing. KB Staffing specializes in recruiting talented personnel, who will help your business thrive.

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