Replacing a Good Employee

It hits you like a kick in the stomach – your best employee is leaving. The individual who knew what needed to happen without being told. The one you could trust, no matter what. Finding a replacement feels like an impossible task. It is a chore no manager wants to undertake.

Where to begin? The idea of starting from scratch is overwhelming. You ask colleagues, other employees and friends for referrals. You solicit résumés, screen, test and interview candidates and hope for the best. If it’s not a good organizational fit, you have to do it again. It is not only an increase in work load; it becomes a roller coaster of stress.

Cloning your “right hand man” is probably not going to happen; certainly not overnight. Loyalty doesn’t come from a résumé; it is a relationship and it takes time to build. The key to successful hiring is to give yourself a reality check. Although finding employees with the right fit is crucial for a successful organization, in this case even if you hire a saint, you will still find something about him or her that doesn’t measure up to the departing employee’s level. Take a deep breath and regroup.

Situations like this are ideal for flexible staffing solutions from KB Staffing. KB Staffing offers more than temporary workers. Professional and skilled labor is available with KB Staffing’s complete Human Resources service. Full-time Temporary means no obligation. Eliminate the stress with pre-screened and qualified personnel ready to get the job done. KB Staffing will do the recruiting and take care of the paperwork and payroll liabilities. KB Staffing has skilled workers across Polk County, from Winter Haven and Bartow to Lakeland and Plant City. Needs someone Bilingual in Bartow? No problem. Staffing a warehouse in Winter Haven? Can do! KB Staffing provides reliable personnel for businesses throughout the Lakeland area and beyond.

Talk to the professionals at KB Staffing. You might just find your next “right hand man” (or woman!)

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