Season’s Greetings from Our Four-Legged Top Recruiter

KB Staffing and Our Mascot Cooper Wish You Happy Holidays and Fun Facts About Man’s Best Friend on the Job

If you follow along with us on Facebook or have ever stopped by our staffing office in Winter Haven, you may have run into our four-legged top recruiter.  His name is Cooper and, we think you’ll agree, dogs are certainly man’s best friend.  He brings a smile to all who see him, and this holiday season, he’s one of the many things we’re grateful for.  

In fact, we would even venture to say that dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also hard workers too.  If you’re a dog lover (and honestly, who isn’t?), here’s a few fun facts about dogs and jobs that they have.

  • Police dogs.  These canines have a tough job to do, but their biggest asset in police work is their nose.  These dogs receive special training to help their human coworkers sniff out dangerous items, such as drugs, bombs, guns, and more.
  • Guard dogs.  It’s easy to assume that these dogs are naturally very aggressive, but the truth is, guard dogs are very well-trained employees!  They have to go through obedience as well as socialization school.  Plus, many guard dogs also receive Schutzhund training.
  • Search and rescue dogs.  Like some of our temp or temp-to-perm applicants who are on call to work when they are most needed, these expertly trained canines are ready— day or night— to assist in search efforts when someone is lost or missing.
  • Service dogs.  These canines have a very important job to do, as they are tasked with helping individuals who may be legally blind or may need help getting around safely.  Have you ever hired an employee and then wondered how you ever managed without them?  That’s how much these canines mean to the people they help!  

Like the Central Florida workforce we recruit and employ for our clients, these dogs are specially trained to do very important jobs.  You can’t put a value on a good team, and that includes four-legged members of your staff!  

Should you need well-trained, qualified workers to add to your team, don’t hesitate to contact us at 863-875-5721 or stop by our office.  We have the human resources solutions to assist you in all of your employment needs.  And, don’t forget the next time you stop by to ask about our mascot and valued four-legged recruiter, Cooper.

Here at KB Staffing, we hope you, your staff, your families, and your four-legged friends have a safe and joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!    

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