Simplified Staffing Solutions as Polk County Jobs Increase

In a recent study conducted by and publicized in The Ledger, the Lakeland-Winter Haven area, which includes all of Polk County, ranked 90th out of 100 for the best places to work for a small business. The study narrowed in on the 100 largest metropolitan cities in the nation, noting “small businesses employ 47 percent of private workforce in the nation. They are also responsible for 60 percent of the new jobs created in the past 20 years.” With that standing work history, workers throughout the nation aren’t overlooking the draw to a small business.

KB Staffing, LLC recognizes the appeal of working for the private sector, and with their knowledge and experience providing staffing solutions to business owners, hiring individuals to fill the current needs of business demands is simplified, whether a small business or corporation.

Confirmed by “Best & Worst Cities to Work for a Small Business in 2014,” employment opportunities are on the rise in Polk County, despite the continued poor economic state of the nation. With that, the human resource departments of small businesses are put in the hot seat, as new hires are necessary to cater to the growing private workforce. And with the help of staffing firms, such as KB Staffing, LLC, finding the appropriate hire is simplified. Working together with the human resource department, and understanding the job description – roles and responsibilities – and pay, staffing firms can accommodate individual businesses needs to transition new employees into the company with ease.

While Polk County is noted as a top county to work for a small business, filling staffing needs remains a priority. KB Staffing, LLC, known for providing reliable personnel to businesses located throughout Winter Haven, continues to deliver a range of staffing solutions to best suit your small business, whether temp-to-hire or for temporary employment. Contact us for more information.

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