Skills vs. Jobs: Can We Support the Growth We Want?

Across Polk County, in Bartow and Lakeland, Plant City and Winter Haven, the talk is about jobs. Economic growth builds the strong foundation that any community needs to remain vibrant and healthy. Exciting projects are in the works, such as new medical facilities and shopping centers, the expansion of LEGOLAND Florida, and the groundbreaking of CSX Intermodal Facility. There is no question we want jobs and opportunities are certainly on the way. The question we need to ask is – is the local workforce prepared to handle it?

The Winter Haven Economic Development Council (WHEDC) has six core industries that have been identified as an excellent match for the existing business market; they include Medical Services, Software and Information Technology, Logistics and Distribution, Business and Professional Services, Agribusiness and Tourism. All of these industries require a strong workforce that includes a wide range of skills. Business growth means either building new facilities or remodeling existing space and both of these mean skilled construction jobs are also in demand.

The availability of a well-qualified workforce will have a significant impact on the future of these opportunities. Employers will be vying for talent and skills from Winter Haven, Lakeland and beyond. KB Staffing is poised to ensure that employers coming to our community find the qualified employees needed to succeed. KB Staffing has a deep understanding of the job market and what it takes to put people to work. In our new location, we now have the space to offer skills enrichment classes which will help prepare workers meet the future head on!

So, can we handle it? The answer is YES! With KB Staffing, Winter Haven can handle it! KB Staffing is in the perfect position to facilitate workforce development in not only Winter Haven, but also Lakeland, Bartow, and Plant City. KB Staffing is a full-service staffing agency and plays an active role in the economic viability of this community. KB Staffing is working hard to ensure that Winter Haven, Lakeland, Bartow and Plant City keep working hard! KB Staffing delivers!

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