Skimming for Facts: an Automatic Response to a Busy World

If you are skimming this article instead of reading it, it’s probably because you just want to read only the part that addresses your hiring dilemma or solves your company’s staffing issues. If the article was your first point of entry to the Web site, then you are more likely to read at least a little more than the headlines. But, admit it, it is hard to keep your eyes from moving faster than your brain. Just now, your eyes were probably tempted to jump to the end, like reading a suspenseful novel.

Why does this happen when you consciously want to read the paragraphs? Your eyes work hard to support the overall feeling that you are in a hurry and need to get to the point quickly then move on. Technology is partly to blame for this, delivering more and more content so rapidly that your eyes have no choice but to skim or miss out. Technology is not the only culprit, though. Face it, everyday life is so busy. Skimming is a natural response to the environment.

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