Spring Forward and Keep the Spring in Your Step

Time Management Tips for Keeping Productivity High, Even When We Lose the Hour of Sleep

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again— time to move the clocks forward and spring ahead! Daylight Saving Time and losing an hour of sleep can be a rough transition for a lot of people, so here at KB Staffing in Winter Haven, we thought we would offer a few tips for helping you transition through this annual ritual of sleep deprivation. Here are a few observations and tips we thought will help:

  • Studies show that there are more accidents and injuries on the job on the Monday immediately following the time change, which this year would be Monday, March 12. “The number one way I try to offset the grogginess of DST is to go to bed one hour earlier for at least three nights before DST occurs,” says Yuliana Perez, our KB Staffing team member.
  • For those of us unable to get to bed at least one hour earlier, there are some things we can do to offset the effects of DST. “Change your routine a little bit so you have less to do in the morning for a week or two and can sleep in a bit,” adds Yuliana. “If you normally shower in the morning, shower at night. Same if you work out in the morning.”
  • Mentally prepare yourself for the challenge! You know DST is coming up, so start thinking about it a few days in advance. A little positive visualization can go a long way in helping you overcome a hurdle.
  • “As much as possible, avoid big meetings or projects the first couple of days after the time switch,” says Yuliana. “You don’t want to try to make an important presentation if you haven’t gotten enough sleep.”

We all know the time change is coming, so now is the time to start preparing. We at KB Staffing encourage all of our employees to manage their time well so they can be at their best. Our contract workers’ well-being matters to us. The Polk County workforce is one to be proud of, so take care of yourself!  For more information about how you can join our team of talented temporary or temp-to-perm workforce, contact us or call 863-875-5721.

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