Staffing Tip: Look Beyond Resumes and Applications

You can contact KB Staffing to fill your needs in Winter Haven, Kissimmee, Plant City, and all surrounding areas of Polk County. Or you can expect to find out about potential hires through the resumes and cover letters they send in. A few people may even visit your business in person to fill out application forms. These documents can provide the basic facts but you realize they only show the information that your applicants want you to see. You can find out more about your potential employees by researching them online:

  • Start by looking on their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages. Do the posts extol the virtues of their current employers and boast about the projects they’ve completed to the customer’s satisfaction? Or do they complain about the unfair wages of their industry and insult customers behind their back? Which types of posts would you want your workers to have?
  • Check out their resumes on LinkedIn, Monster, Career Builders and other job boards. At KB Staffing, we use these resources as well. Examine the names of employers, job responsibilities, accomplishments, and compensation. Do all the facts match? Minor typos may indicate carelessness. Major discrepancies may reveal lies or an intent to inflate the applicant’s current and previous positions.
  • Do a Google Search on the applicant. Don’t forget to specify the Image, Video, News, and Blog qualifiers. If the names are common, you may need to limit the searches to specific locations, such as Winter Haven, Kissimmee, Lakeland or Polk County. You may stumble upon news stories detailing arrests for criminal activity or images of shoddy workmanship. On the other hand, you may discover websites detailing industry awards to the applicant for outstanding customer service.

Only by completely researching your applicants can you get a total picture of their abilities and fit with your business. For more information about staffing, please contact us. At KB Staffing, we’re dedicated to finding the right people for your positions in Florida.

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