Switch Gears to Switch Careers

Maybe you started your career years ago with enthusiasm to grow in that field over time, and maybe lately you’ve been second-guessing that decision and wondering if the grass might be greener elsewhere. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of Polk County employment opportunities out there in a variety of industries, so switching career paths is certainly feasible. KB Staffing can assist you in these efforts by connecting you with a number of Central Florida jobs.

KB Staffing Aids Your Transition
There are plenty of valid reasons to consider a career switch, such as wanting to work closer to home, earn more money, or have more opportunities for professional development. Simply wanting a change in your occupation is fine, too. However, no matter what your motivation is, you need to do your research before you jump ship.

First, take an inventory of your marketable skills, interests, and values. Remember to consider how transferable your skills are from one application to others, as this will broaden your skillset. Take all of your experience into account, including things like volunteer work and school projects or internships. This may give you some insight as to what type of work you might like to pursue next. 

Next, determine what industries you would be willing to accept a position in. What job openings are currently available in these industries? Do you have any professional or social contacts in an industry that you are evaluating? Compile a list of possible employment opportunities to look into further.

Now you need to rebrand yourself. Update your resume, CV, relevant social media profiles, and anything else that represents your professional persona to reflect your goal of making a segue from one field into another. Then seek chances to gain relevant experience through freelancing, volunteering, mentorships, or other avenues that allow you an immersive encounter in your fields of interest. KB Staffing can help you find full-time temp jobs in various industries.

Get Out There and Grow!
We are lucky to live in a world that is so filled with possibilities when it comes to our occupations, so take advantage of that. KB Staffing is standing by ready to provide our top-notch staffing experience to help you find the next step on your journey.

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