Temp Jobs Up and Unemployment Down: What that Means for the Central Florida Workforce

Good news in the job market is always encouraging to hear, and February marked a rise in temporary jobs by 3,100, or 3.16%, compared to January’s 2.18%, as shown in an article by Staffing Industry Analysts.

The article also stated, which comes from information released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, that the unemployment rate went down to 4.7% from its standings at 4.8% in January.

This news is promising for the Central Florida workforce, many of which are ready to get hired and have steady income after months of unemployment. 

This uprising in jobs could also be challenging for local companies, as now candidates will be filling out applications and wanting interviews more than ever before. That is when KB Staffing can step in and help you efficiently navigate the job hiring process.

Our staffing agency resources allow us to look over applications for you and determine which applicants are capable of handling the duties of your open positions, are available when you need them, and have important resources at their own disposal, such as reliable transportation, licensing or certifications, and flexibility in hours.

Some agencies offer staffing solutions that bring manpower to your jobsites, but these employees may not be experienced or ready to take charge of the duties you require of them. At KB Staffing, we customize our services by supplying staff that have been properly screened and fit into your job needs, whether that need is on-demand labor to temp-to-perm workers.

The same help from KB Staffing is also available to job seekers who have become hopeful again with this decreased unemployment rate that jobs are available again. We connect the Central Florida workforce with local companies in construction, warehouse operations, office administration, forklift drivers, and more.

If you would like to learn more about KB Staffing’s personalized staffing solutions, please contact us or visit us at our Winter Haven location.

Interested job seekers can also apply online for the jobs we have posted, using our online application page.

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