Temp-to-Perm Could Work for You!

Sometimes a temporary position is the best way to go, especially if it has the potential to become permanent.

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Here at KB Staffing, we put a lot of Polk County residents to work in temporary positions. While some people might recoil at the idea of temp work over a permanent position, there are advantages. Many temp jobs have the potential to turn into permanent situations. Let’s take a look at how temp-to-hire jobs can be beneficial.

What Makes Temp-to-Perm Jobs Desirable?

While it may seem more logical to seek out a permanent position with a company right off the bat, there are reasons why that may not work out. We have to acknowledge that Central Florida has a highly competitive job market. There are many job seekers applying for a limited number of positions. That is an incentive to give serious consideration to any job offer. Here are some advantages of accepting a temporary position.

  • Try before you buy. This is an excellent opportunity to “test drive” a company to determine if it is realistically somewhere you would like to work. There are a lot of hidden factors that go into deciding if a particular job is right for you. Things like company culture, general nature of coworkers, fringe benefits, and more are ultimately going to affect how you feel about your job. Accepting a temporary position is the perfect way to get that fly-on-the-wall perspective of a workplace.
  • Learn new skills. Even if you decide against accepting a permanent position after a temporary assignment, you will still have racked up some measurable experience and, hopefully, some skills. Whether a temp job is within your established career field or completely outside of it, pay attention to what they teach you there. You are acquiring and honing skills that may transfer to other positions in surprising ways.
  • Explore a new field. Just like the idea of trying out a company before you commit, you may also be interested in stepping outside of your career zone and attempting something completely different. A temporary position can be a great way to dip your toe into different waters to see if you want to change career paths.

When you are ready to start the next chapter in your work life, visit KB Staffing at 1560 6th St SE in Winter Haven to see what temping has in store for you. We are a full-service staffing company in Polk County ready to assist you with all of your job search needs.


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