Thanksgiving Leftovers? Tasty Lunch Ideas For Work

We all live for those delicious Thanksgiving feasts each November; the question the day after Thanksgiving is not what holiday shopping to do next, but what to do with all of those Thanksgiving leftovers.

If you want your “feasting” going strong into the workweek, here are some fun tips to turn those leftovers into fueling lunches for the day.

If you have leftover turkey, ham or chicken, you could put together a bowl combined with veggies (could even be leftover veggies as well), cheese and rice. These bowls could be a well-balanced meal for the midday point in your day when you need a food pick-me-up.

Leftover meat could also be turned into a salad, with surplus lettuce and veggies from Thanksgiving, or with a pre-packaged salad mix and topped with your favorite salad dressing.

Sandwich fans can put together ham, turkey and/or chicken with stuffing and your favorite condiments to make a usually boring sandwich into a one-of-a-kind food memory; one that you could repeat the next day, or two perhaps. The same approach can be applied to making wraps with leftovers, chopping up the meat and put together with cheese, condiments and other leftovers.

Want to re-live Thanksgiving all over again? Combine all the holiday meal with broth and make Thanksgiving soup, using turkey, green beans, bread and even sweet potato. A similar method could be used as well for turning leftovers into a casserole, with a prepared piecrust over the top of the leftovers.

Whatever you decide to do with your leftovers, be sure to indulge in these Thanksgiving meals with your family and friends.

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-Information courtesy of Healthy Dining Finder website and Food Network website.

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