The Hidden Cost of Unemployment vs. No Risk Hiring

Hiring a new employee off the street always comes with some risks. Painstaking efforts are made to select and train employees with the right fit for an organization. In today’s volatile market, those efforts can be moot as business grows, and subsequently may fall. The hidden costs of hiring, training and unemployment compensation can significantly affect your company’s bottom line. The difficult prospect of reducing staff when necessary is something that no manager wants to face.

Today, many companies are turning to staffing companies for the benefit of No Risk Hiring. No risk hiring eliminates all of the risks of adding staff to meet your company’s changing workload. When you use a staffing firm, you benefit not only from access to experienced and well-trained workers in a diverse array of fields, but also as temporary, long term temp – to – hire, or temporary full time staff, there are no unemployment costs. Once your job is finished, the workers move on to other temporary jobs with the staffing company. Everyone is happy and your work gets done efficiently. No headaches, no heartaches, no hassle.

The staffing firm is the employer, and overhead costs are kept to a minimum by a large volume of employees. That savings is passed directly on to the customers, making hiring through a staffing firm the most cost-efficient way to do business. No risk hiring is the solution for today’s human resources environment.

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