Three Reasons Why KB Staffing is a Better Solution for Your Business than Big Corporate Names

In the case of a decadent dessert or a lavish celebration, some might argue that bigger is better. Playing devil’s advocate for a moment, there’s something to be said about a mini-dessert sampler tray that excites the palette with its diverse flavors but still fills you up. Or, case and point: an intimate party with close friends can be much more desirable than a grand ceremony with crowds of people who hardly know one another. Much in the same way, there’s something to be said about KB Staffing— a local staffing agency with over 15 years of experience— versus your big or even national staffing corporations. In fact, we can think of three excellent reasons why a business should consider KB Staffing as their human resources solution over any big-time corporate name. Here’s some staffing food for the thought:

Reason #1: The Support
As a full-service company dedicated to meet the needs of our clients, your support is just a phone call away. There are no recording hoops to jump through and no extensions that ultimately send you to an answering machine. When you call us, we answer. And perhaps most importantly, we are just a short drive away. If you need us, we are there, which is a big part of why our customers have often left the bigger company name to begin a partnership with KB Staffing, and are ultimately more satisfied.

Reason #2: The Knowledge
We’ve all heard the expression “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Well, what can also be true with big corporate names is . . . the bigger they are, the less they know about your local trade! At KB Staffing, we make it our business to know what’s happening in your industry right here in Central Florida as well as on the national level. By understanding the local issues of industries such as warehousing, light industrial, construction, office administration, citrus processing, and much more, our knowledge is more personalized and value-added than any big-time corporate staffing agency in the region.

Reason #3: The Relationship
Beyond the two above reasons, there is one thing we know we do better than any other staffing firm— big or small— and that’s build relationships with our customers that last. We don’t take our service to our clients lightly, and they know it, which is why they ultimately remain loyal partners for all their human resources and staffing needs. At the core of KB Staffing’s customer loyalty and continued growth is its reputation for providing personalized, knowledgeable service at an affordable rate.

Don’t let the guise of “bigger is better” fool you. Sometimes, it’s just bigger, and when it comes to staffing solutions— KB Staffing delivers on its promises, and that’s what makes us better.

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