Tips for Being a Great Warehouse Worker

Looking for warehouse work? Follow these tips for success!

At KB Staffing, we do a lot of warehouse staffing. We take pride in supplying workers that are enthusiastic, well-trained, and motivated to succeed. So what does it take to be an outstanding warehouse worker? We’ve gathered some tips to help you prepare for success in a warehouse career.

  • Now, we know that not everyone looking for warehouse work will already have experience. After all, you have to start somewhere. But if you do have warehouse experience, give us a call – we’ll put you to work!
  • What’s better than having forklift experience? Being certified. Go ahead and get your certifications for warehouse equipment and you’ll improve your chances of being hired.
  • Physical ability. Warehouse work can require a lot of heavy lifting and moving of products. Make sure you’re in good shape physically and learn the correct way to lift, twist, and move to decrease your chance of injury.
  • Familiarity with paperwork. Warehouse work sometimes involves paperwork. Make sure you are familiar with the procedures for filling out orders and doing inventory.
  • Working in harsh conditions. Warehouse work can range from very cold to very hot. You may have to work outside in inclement weather. Make sure you are prepared for whatever conditions you may have to work under.
  • Skilled at counting, cross-checking, picking, and staging orders and shipments. Orders need to be examined, checked, staged, and packaged properly in order to arrive in good shape.
  • Training in safety procedures and first aid. Make sure you know what is expected of you when it comes to safety, and what to do in the event of an accident.

If you feel you have these skills, we want to hear from you. We have lots of open positions to fill with qualified candidates. When you’re looking for Polk County jobs, either temp-to-hire jobs or full-time temp jobs, look to KB Staffing.

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