Tips from Our Staff for Working Moms and Dads

Recently, one of our valued team members welcomed a new addition to the family!  Here at KB Staffing in Winter Haven, we couldn’t be happier for her, as both Mom and baby are doing great and are very healthy.  This inspired us to bring up the topic of balancing work and kids’ schedules, which can be a difficult task for both working Moms and Dads.

According to the Department of Labor and Statistics, the latest data available shows us the following:

  • 8 percent of all men with children under age 18 participated in the labor force.
  • The labor force participation rate—the percent of the population working or looking for work—for all women with children under age 18 was 70.5 percent. (Both stats are from 2016, the most recent data available.)

This means that a lot of parents are in the workforce!  Here’s a few tips from us to help balance work and kids’ schedules:

  1. Plan, plan, plan. To make your work-week go a little smoother, the best advice our team here can offer is to make plans.  A meal plan is a great way to help manage work and life at home, for example.  “Making a meal plan can also benefit the pocket book by reducing unnecessary spending when you eat out,” says Yuliana Perez, our KB Staffing team member.
  2. Prepare the night before. For Yuliana, she finds when she sets out clothes and preps lunches for the kids the night before, her mornings go much more smoothly.
  3. Use the power of the Internet, where possible. Thanks to things like auto-pay and site-to-store pickup for groceries, you can get a lot done from your desk after the kids are in bed.
  4. Make a family calendar. As working parents, you have a lot to remember, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you forget John’s permission slip for the class field trip, or Maria’s school project that’s due.  Instead, make sure to put it all in one place on a family calendar, where both Mom and Dad, plus older kids can see it.  This will help everyone do their part to remember important dates and deadlines.

We hope these tips from our friendly staff here at KB Staffing were helpful.  We support working parents and their families and want to see them succeed, both in the workplace and at home.  For more information about how you can join our team of talented temporary or temp-to-perm workforce, contact us or call 863-875-5721.

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