Tips from Your Staffing Agency: How to Answer a Tough Interview Question

There are lots of weird interview questions out there. As a human resources solution for our clients, we’re hired to ask the tough questions and weed out the candidates who are not a good fit for the temporary, temp-to-perm or full-time job in Central Florida. But in our opinion, one of the strangest and most difficult question to navigate is: “Why shouldn’t we hire you?”

That’s a hard-hitting question, and it’s difficult to respond correctly. If you answer directly, you’re giving the hiring manager a reason to toss your resume in the trash. But if you skirt around the question, then your resume could go right in the trash all the same.

So what are HR representatives looking for when they ask this question? Usually, it’s a more forceful version of “What are your weaknesses?” or “Why do you think this might not be the fit for you?” It’s about examining the candidate’s ability to evaluate their own shortcomings and where they might not fulfill the job completely.

And there’s a strategy to answering, just like every other question. First, be honest! If you can, frame your answer so you introduce a weakness, but also introduce strengths that are larger and more important for the position.

For example, say you’re interviewing for a temporary-to-permanent mechanic position. You have excellent skills and recommendations, but you’re below the requested level of experience. A good reply to this question would be: “I might not be right for this job because I’ve only been working as a mechanic for three years, when the job description requests five. But in that time I’ve experienced accelerated career growth and taken on several leadership roles. Therefore I have a deeper and more thorough level of training, despite being a few years short.”

This introduces a tangible weakness, but it also shows why this candidate is still a good fit for the role despite his or her shortcomings.

If you’re a job seeker with questions about topics like this, or if you’re seeking temporary employment in Polk County and the greater Central Florida area, feel free to contact us or call us at (863) 875-5721. KB Staffing is a temporary staffing solutions firm located in Winter Haven, Florida, and we’d be happy to help you.

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