Top 4 Reasons for Winter Haven Businesses to Consider a Professional Staffing

Our professional staffing service handles your business’ human resources needs. Whether you are in search of a qualified temporary worker who can hit the ground running or a long-term temporary employee who can take over where another worker left off, there are plenty of good reasons to entrust this type of staffing to the professionals. Situated in Winter Haven, we have a firm finger on the pulse of the business community in the city and its surrounding areas.

1. Reduce costs associated with recruiting a new worker. Business experts’ statistics show that hiring an employee who will make about $8 per hour nevertheless costs a company an estimated $3,500. While it is easy to place an ad for the type of worker you are looking for, it is a lot more difficult to find the time and vet the applicants until you find exactly the right person who also possesses the desired skill set. A professional staffing service provides you with personnel that is already vetted and uniquely suited to your industry.

2. Avoid the learning curve. Once you have identified the perfect candidate, the worker still needs some on-the-job training. Costs for training can cost you about $1,200 per year. Eliminate a lot of the expense associated with more elementary training by hiring one of our screened and tested employees.

3. Pass on human resources responsibilities. When you take on the task of administering your own workforce, you are responsible for workers’ compensation claims, payroll liabilities and unemployment claims. When you entrust your employment needs to our professional staffing agency, you pass on the responsibility to us. If you are the owner of a smaller company, this personnel decision allows you to focus your staff’s time and resources on other tasks related to growing your business.

4. Enjoy flexibility, as your business needs change. Temporary workers fill in during the business’ busiest seasons. Temp-to-hire employees let you test-drive a worker to see if the individual is a good fit. Of particularly importance in small business environments, this option allows you to hire the right person after just 90 days. Full-time temporary workers help you meet your long-term staffing needs without incurring any of the obligations that come with this type of work relationship.

KB Staffing is in the business of helping your company to succeed by meeting your recruitment requirements. Contact us today for more information on how we can meet your hiring needs.

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