Top Three Reasons to Stay Connected with Us on Social Media

At KB Staffing, we work hard for both our clients and our workforce. Without one, the other is not possible, and so we make it our priority to ensure that members of the workforce we recruit are well-placed and taken care of, and our client’s needs are met as well as their expectations exceeded.

One of the ways we work to ensure these priorities are kept front and center is by connecting with our clients and our workforce on social media. As a human resources solution for many companies big and small in the Central Florida area, we feel like we have a lot to bring to the table— especially for those who need to hire, and for those looking to be hired.

Whether you’re shopping for a full-service staffing agency to help you with your employee recruitment and management, or you’re a skill tradesman looking for a job, we have three great reasons for you to connect with us on social media:

  1. For job seekers, we post available positions online. And, the best way to be the first one to know about those available jobs is by connecting with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also subscribe to this blog for regular updates.
  2. For companies big and small, we offer staffing tips and industry insights. One of the biggest benefits to working with us here at KB Staffing is that we have staff-on-demand. You call with a need, and we fill that need right away with competent and skilled members of the workforce. Much like we have staff-on-demand as a service, we also have knowledge-on-demand on our social media profiles. Stay connected with us to receive staffing tips, team management advice, industry insight, and much more!
  3. For everyone, we offer solutions. As a staffing firm that solves problems every day by simply conducting good business and focusing on what matters most, we’re proud to say that it’s something we can tangibly offer on social media too.

If you’re looking for personalized staffing solutions, then look no further than KB Staffing! We invite you to connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to see it for yourself, and when you’re ready, give us a call at (863) 875-5721.

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