Trust Is Key for Remote Working

Trust is a fundamental requirement for most of our interpersonal relationships. This is especially true when it comes to managing a work-from-home team. KB Staffing has seen many changes occur in the workplace over the years, but none so drastic as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. All across the globe, workers were sent home to perform their job tasks remotely – including many employees in the Polk County workforce. When work-from-home teams are formed, it is vital that trust be built and maintained among all parties.

The Importance of Trust
In any collaborative effort, team members need to be able to count on each other to perform their responsibilities in an appropriate manner, to the best of their ability, and on a schedule. This is necessary in order to ensure the success of the team as a whole. When working from home, it can be easy to get distracted by other duties around the house and lose track of time. KB Staffing understands the challenges that remote workers face, but we want to encourage you to focus on what needs to be done during the workday.

Without the benefit of face-to-face interactions on a daily basis, employees may feel a lack of accountability. This is where good leadership steps in to play its role. Team leaders need to be credible and treat their teammates with respect and professionalism. Communication and transparency can help leaders build the necessary trust among remote coworkers.

Communication is a two-way street though. Employees should feel comfortable going to their team leaders with any issues they may have regarding their job performance. Good leaders don’t just give directions to be blindly followed, they also listen to the concerns their workers may have.

Remote Working Can Work
Over the last year, many Central Florida jobs had to shift to work-at-home positions. KB Staffing knows that this hasn’t been easy for everyone, but we’re here to help you work through it. If you are looking for Polk County employment opportunities with the flexibility of working from home, contact KB Staffing to learn what’s available.

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